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Index of Cue Cards from Staff Lab Day

ArtODS is a year-long pilot project. Jennifer "Jingo" Starkey and Hannah "Minty" Jickling spent Fall 2011 session at Howard ODS experimenting with integrating art into the experience of learning and forming a community outdoors.

The intent of ArtODS is to explore ways to help more students access the outdoors, science, and friendship when they come to Outdoor School. It is designed to be a parallel support to the learning that happens on field study, rather than something that takes away time from science.

We want to help students experience art outside of the classroom and gain practice with writing, performance, mapmaking, song, video, dance, photography, drawing, installation, sculpture, or any combination of those things.

We want to find out if using any of these things in the field can help students be successful at Outdoor School.

ArtODS is made possible by grants from the Gray Family Fund, the Wieden Family Public Fund, and the Starseed Foundation.

For support or collaboration to make use of art at your Outdoor School site this spring: write to Jennifer "Jingo" Starkey

For information about art practice outdoors with youth, or logistics about sculpture: write to Hannah "Minty" Jickling

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