Modeling Clay Habitats


Students will demonstrate an understanding of a habitat

Students will represent knowledge and learning visually with color, form, emphasis, repetition, balance, etc

Students will be able to explain their decisions in making their habitats

Students will work collaboratively

Wrap Up Cue Card

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From Sally "Dillweed" Kirkpatrick
6th grade science teacher at Gordon Russell Middle School in Gresham:

"What comes to mind is a student who was able to get up and present their clay habitat to the whole group, articulate, and tell us... He is extremely delayed in his communication skills, he isn't able to process, and doesn't do that verbal [demonstration of] knowledge. He couldn't have done it before, if we had asked him to tell us something about a habitat before. And then they did this project - it was markedly different from his ability, AND he volunteered. HUGE."